4500 kilometers on the back of three tandems across all (federal) states of Germany!

Mobilize affected people:
A core team of around 30 participants (currently, formerly or not depressive people) is tackling the route from Freiburg to Berlin in 7 stages. This means 4500 kilometers across Germany.

Set a sign:
We expect thousands of people to participate in our campaign days.
Public campaign days are planned in over 20 cities along the track, including a day leg of 15 to 55 kilometers, supported and accompanied by the local ADFC. In most cases, information desks around the motto of our tour – depression – are offered.

No matter if you are affected from depression or not: a campaign day can be a great event for all those participating!

If you are currently suffering from depression and are interested in taking part for a complete stage: get information!

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MOOD TOUR TEAM 2012: participants, companions, students, doctors and assisting professors - but who might be the depressed ?! T-Shirts and name tags are being worn randomly / @ German Sport University Cologne, May 2012

See some participant’s testimonials on the German version.