Join 10-14 days

All of our stages (10-14 days) will take place between mid June and mid September! That’s what we can say until now – details follow during February!

You have a history of depression or are currently affected?
Kind of interested in participating for a complete stage (10-14 days) although dates and places are not yet fixed?
Then you should definitely take a look at this PDF (7mb)!

At present, the mood-tour is still looking for currently affected participants as well as depression-experienced teamers who know the ropes and can offer support!

  • Still undecided after considering the PDF (7mb):
  • Here are some answers to questions you might still have:

    Costs / Requirements:

    • How much does it cost to participate ?! Travel expenses to the starting point and from the final point of each stage – time frames are published in February so that everyone can show interest for close or distant stages. Plus your contribution to our meal cash-box: 13 euro a day!
    • Any other “duties” before we depart ?! Consider our check list in the pdf: attend our preparation meeting in Cologne (19th of May – support for traveling expenses can be offered), provide two documents of clearance, be covered by health and liability insurance AND: as sort of a “commitment”, transfer in advance your contribution to our meal cash-box (10 to 14 times 13 euro) to the DepressionLiga. We will discuss on our preparation meeting how to cook our meals and dispose of the money – generally, relevant aspects of our daily lives are decided on a democratic basis

    On the way:

    • What equipment is required?! Very little (!!weight!!) Clothes, tooth-brush, etc. – nothing too special. In case you’d like to bring around your own sleeping bag/pad – no problem…
    • When are the stages fixed ?! Not before 2012. The journey is the reward and therefore secondary. We prefer beautiful scenery throughout Germany with 3 to 4 relevant cities for our action days.
    • 55 km per day – isn’t that very exhausting ?! It depends! In the mountaineous Allgäu rather than in the flat Friesland. In April 2011 more than in April 2010. Up in the north, it is completely impossible when you have the wind in your face – and it only takes 3h with tailwind…55km per day should be our average. This tour is about collective accomplishment, sharing beautiful moments and advancing with every stage through Germany. In general, a benchmark of 55km is very realistic thanks to the balanced forces on a tandem.
    • What happens, if one is in poor form ?! In the worst case, this participant can stay back in place escorted by a second person from the team. In the evening, both can join the group for camping – not a big problem due to the advanced transport network and good lifts in the east of Germany. Until then, it should be possible to see more clearly. The mood-tour is not intended as a therapy on wheels but surely, there’ll always be someone to lend you an ear.
    • What about privacy ?! Very little. Therefore, people who tend to suffer from group fever should clearly reconsider their participation. In the tent at night, there is peace and quiet and no need to worry about small talk, usually everyone dozes off instantly on their sleeping pads after an exhaustive day of biking :-)
    • Can I just leave the team if it should be necessary ?! Although we are working without contracts, this would, of course, be a great pity for the whole project. We are thinking about a list of alternates, yet it might be rather hard to find someone to take your place on the tandem at short notice. So, if there’s definitely no way around it: yes!
    • Will I be understood ?! Until now, we are planning with formerly depressed persons to join us as our sixth “teamer”. They have a personal experience with depression. Moreover, the participating students of the Sport-Hochschule Köln are skilled in dealing with difficult persons/situations and explicitly write their bachelor/master thesis in the context of depression and the role of sports as a possible therapy.

    Duties / Privacy & Co:

    • What about photography ?! Pictures will be taken but if someone prefers to stay anonymous, only blurred, from behind, from afar…Just like on the top right or bottom left picture. I have studied photography for six years, so I know how to take high-quality pictures without discernible persons. With the help of a laptop we can review the pictures together and erase the undesired ones. Furthermore: if you don’t want to be appear on pictures, you won’t be photographed… we will sign a written agreement on our preparation meeting assuring a safe feeling for either side!
    • For how long would I be “on the team” ?! Apart from the (mandatory!) preparation meeting on the 19th of May 2012 from 12 to 18 hrs taking place in the Sporthochschule in Cologne, a complete stage takes 10-14 days. Before that, we will exchange several organisational emails and (hopefully) come together for a voluntary review meeting afterwards. If you are motivated, you are of course invited to participate in school events etc..

    More questions? Please ask (also anonymously!)